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What behaviours do you want to see more of? How do you want your people and customers to feel? Why is there a gap between your vision, values and the actual behaviour you seek? Are your people focussed on the right things, using values to make decisions, confident, resilient? Do they understand the link between well-being and sustaining performance? These are the sort of questions we can help you explore in order to create the tailored activity that meets your needs. These are some of our most popular services:

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Bringing company culture to life

Confidence, courage and care have often been the missing ingredients in the past. We enable leaders at every level to create the psychological safety which encourages an open, empathetic culture in which confident, values-led decision making leads to a long-term increase in the right kind of productivity.

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Developing personal leadership

Good leaders fundamentally do two things; they make smart decisions and they impact people in a positive, motivational way. We help leaders discover the emotional intelligence to both listen with empathy and handle difficult conversations. Leaders confident to personally connect as well as focus on the right thing to do, excel. Workshops and executive coaching available.

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Developing mindset & attitude

Developing Mindset skills that help you focus on the right things and attitude skills to help you choose confidence. Our most popular workshop helps people deal with difficult situations and feel empowered to contribute more frequently and effectively. People go home happier too, it’s a real win/win for the individual and the company which is why this course is so successful.

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Team trust

Teams work best when they communicate openly, honestly and have a clear sense of purpose. We help new and established teams understand their attitudinal dynamic and build trust through exercises that enable a deeper understanding of what makes each person tick. Then we can engage in the conversations they need, which suddenly feel less difficult as trust has grown.

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Confident customer service

Customer service is emotionally challenging and requires confidence, resilience and energy. We can help energise a passion to serve in which both your customers and staff feel valued. Learning that you can choose your attitude and grow your confidence is often the missing ingredient in bringing a more personal, warm and friendly style of service to life.

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Virtual sessions

We have a range of sessions for individuals, leaders and teams that can be tailored to you.
Webinars for large groups who want to learn the secrets of Confident Minds, as well as sessions for small cohorts of leaders to help them improve their empathy and impact as a leader. Sessions on Mind, Attitude and Thriving remain consistently popular.

“Truly insightful – science and facts married with experience and sharing.”

Julie McKraken – Senior Operations Manager, EE

What makes our approach different?

We believe as much in putting smiles on faces as we do in helping companies become successful. In fact, we think they’re one and the same thing. We’ve seen in our years of work with organisations large and small, that a serious commitment to company culture and investing in people pays off in every way. You will know the theory, look after the people and the profits will look after themselves, we can help you apply it.
Everyone gains. It’s a simple, powerful idea.


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Personal & professional

Good personal relationships make for better professional output. We get to know you and your organisation so that we can be more effective in helping you change.
We work at a personal level to encourage you to develop a deeper understanding of yourselves, think life skills in a business context, and working with us can be both more fun and more challenging than expected. We’ll be honest about what we think, what we know and what we don’t. We’ll challenge your thinking, acknowledge and praise your progress and encourage you to do the same.

Scientific & relatable

Our methods have a sound basis in neuroscience and positive psychology, using elements of both to create powerful exercises and lead conversations that will uncover unhelpful mindsets and help you change them. Experiences we offer feel real and make sense, leading to new confidence, new choices and change.

Role plays may still have a role in some development, but not ours. We work real live examples and help people relate their insights so that learning ‘feels real’ and ‘makes sense’. Choices made create immediate change.

Effective & lasting

Theory and fact are often not enough to make people take on new behaviours. Changing habits is not easy but it is far easier when it’s genuinely personal. We work with you to embed the insight you gain from our courses so that it’s not just another inspirational poster on the wall, it’s a deeply-held value that informs and guides your own well being and decision making. We’re often told that people “just get it” and that the changes they make extend out of the workplace and into their personal lives.

Virtual Sessions

See our range of virtual sessions and courses

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