Virtual sessions, real development

Virtual sessions

We have a proven range of sessions and courses, both for groups and individuals designed to work in a virtual environment. While we love to work face to face, where we can share a smile, hug and a biscuit, virtual sessions are sometimes more convenient and can even feel less intimidating for some participants.

Sessions can be delivered separately or as part of programme. And adding some online sessions to top and tail face to face workshops can be a great way to engage and embed change.
Please get in touch for a chat about how we can help.

Group 7

For individuals


Enabling possibility through understanding how your mind works and what to focus on so behaviour change works.



Learning about the importance of ‘perceptions’ to manage my mind and how to choose a confident attitude.



Why Mindset is about how you define success and how you focus. How a Growth Mindset can transform your well-being, confidence and performance.



Want to be more balanced and productive? Then learn when and how to pause to build mental strength and help you improve your performance. There is a lot you can do in a Pause.



To thrive is a Mindset choice. It’s all too easy to continue daily habits that limit our ability to be our best. A little shift in thinking and habits makes a big difference.



10 wk programme covering all 5 topics, with additional 1:1 support and in small cohorts, to help you develop well-being and build mental health. 

Hand Icon

For Leaders


Developing self-awareness of my Leadership impact and how to improve it through improved self-awareness, decision making and productivity.



Building trust and the personal connection that enables more performance in both the real and virtual world.



Awareness and skills to improve focus, agile thinking, effective decision making and confidence to lead change.


How to understand the attitudinal dynamic in your team and coach positive attitudes.



Understand stress and how to build resilience, learn to manage your energy and the ability to bounce back and perform at your best.



10 week programme for small cohorts of leaders. Extra Q&A, 1:1 and/or group coaching support.

Group 15

For Customer Service and teams


A very impactful focussed session on developing confidence to bring a smile to your customer service and ‘not take it personally’.



Explore your teams’ collective Mindset and focus, create personal connections and build trust.


Re-energise team purpose, attitude and energy, to ignite motivation in a common direction.



A session purely focussed on developing psychological safety in your teams through exploring and building team empathy. 


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