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Developing the awareness & confidence to lead, through both “Personal connection” and “Professional expertise”


This course will help me in my role


The content will also help me outside of work


My self-awareness & confidence has improved

The Brief

TLT is the largest corporate law firm in Bristol. Leadership development had taken a back seat as they grew quickly, but with inspiration from a new HRD in Helen Hodgkinson, they committed to some experiential development for their Equity & Fixed Share Partners as well as their HR Business Partners. They knew that a good culture was important both as a way to engage and retain talent and to create strong relationships with clients that would sustain their commercial success.

“it’s been a seismic shift in our thinking”

Equity Partner

What we did

We needed something immersive to pull people out of their busy day-to-day and open them up to thinking creatively about change. We ran a two-day Leading with Impact workshop to help them explore what it would take to create the culture of safety, trust and connection that they aspired to.

Investing two days for development was not something any of them had done before and supporting them to slowly engage with the experience, let down their guard and explore in a challenging but safe environment what personal connection in a professional setting actually looked and felt like.

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No one left early as the HRD was worried might happen! In fact, 100% of attendees said that they found the event very worthwhile and recommended that the process be rolled out to a wider portion of the company. They had not experienced any development quite like it and it would be fair to say that it was approached with trepidation by some of the Equity Partners. However, by lunch on day two, not a phone was in sight, there were no silo conversations and the group had really come together. There followed some powerful, honest and respectful discussions that led them to make big choices about what to do next.


“This is without a doubt the best course I have ever been on. I really hope TLT embrace this as much as I have. Thank you.”

HR Business Partner

“We’ve really recognised how our people are our greatest asset & there is a lot we can do to make improvements – that’s been a big change!”

Equity Partner Feedback

I just wanted to thank you both for two stimulating and enlightening days.  My expectations of the workshop were high and the programme went above and beyond them. You gave me plenty to think about, and I am already making use of the skills I have learned.

Partner Feedback

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