Tesco 2004 – 2006
‘Bringing Every Little Helps to life’


Productivity improved by


Customer Satisfaction improved to

The Brief

Having led their award-winning culture change programme, Living Service, which transformed customer service and productivity levels and enabled 4 years of unprecedented growth from 2004-08, we were given a new brief by Tesco. They wanted to transform the culture in their Customer Service Centres and we were asked to develop a programme that would help deliver a consistent Every Little Helps experience to their 7.5m customers per year. We set out to create understanding and ownership among staff and help them live the idea behind the slogan Every Little Helps – that no one tries harder for customers and that people are valued.

“I feel so much happier coming to work. I actually look forward to coming in now. This makes it so much easier to do my job”


What we did

  • Phase 1: Diagnostic at every level to identify the attitudes and behaviours that existed, fiding some that helped and many that limited engagement and performance.
  • Phase 2: Three-day workshops for all leaders as well as two-day ‘Firelighter’ workshops to create champions for a new way of working in every team.
  • Phase 3: A combination of refreshers, reviews and targeted coaching for teams and individuals.


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Every single person experienced some form of development and many processes such as inductions, return to work and performance reviews were changed.

Customer Service scores rose from 77% to 85%

Absence went down 28%

Attrition went down 42%

I feel my work is appreciated rose by 26%

My opinion is valued rose by 20%



“I would definitely do this again. It’s a necessary activity to generate the enthusiasm, ownership and pride needed in staff, so they can deliver great customer service, productivity and constant change. Development of the promises means the Corporate Vision now makes sense locally & a profound change has been that Team Leaders are a far more effective resource. Living service skills help them manage their people better, but also because they feel more informed, listened to and valued they are inspired to contribute more. Firelighter training is a very practical thing for us; better calls, happier customers – e.g. Listening and getting customers “out of the box” make great call handling skills”

Ian Naylor – Head of Dundee Customer Service Centre

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