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‘Bringing Employee Ownership to Life’


This course will help me in my role


The content will also help me outside of work


My self-awareness & confidence has improved

The Brief

Becoming an employee-owned business in November 2017 began a journey of exploration, discovery and change for this independent travel company. At the time of the change, employee survey data revealed a sharp decline in engagement scores. Many employees felt micro-managed and too many worked in silos. Shifting the cultural mindset so that everyone felt confident, empowered and genuinely like an owner of the business was a big opportunity. Newly-appointed Managing Director Mike Bevens chose to work with us following an informal conversation and a sense of the “right fit” in values.

“I had no idea how profound the Wiseheart work would be. It’s been fantastic to have the same people involved at every stage, really building a relationship. It’s more of a partnership

Mike Bevens, MD

What we did

  • Worked with every level of the team, starting from the top down, on a journey of transformational personal development that enabled new behaviours, encouraged honest conversations and opened the team up to genuine dialogue and change.
  • Held interactive, company-wide talks and open diagnostic sessions.
  • Ran Mindset & Attitude workshops, personal reviews and 1:1 coaching clinics that all came together to transform their culture.


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Every measure of employee happiness improved, with the overall Employee Net Promoter Score going from 40% in 2018 to 71% by mid 2019. This translated into improved commercial performance too. Their tremendous effort to live their values resulted in accreditation as a B Corporation, demonstrating that Sawday’s have achieved the highest standards of social and environmental performance.


“Trust was built straight away, people immediately opened up, which is unusual here. Everyone has come out positive.”

“I’ve reflected on how I come across, this has challenged me to be part of the team.”

“It’s had a really positive impact on my confidence and improving performance in my role.”

“It’s easy to genuinely trust Wiseheart and the process.”

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