Nationwide Building Society: 2007 – ongoing
Helping leaders bring their PRIDE Values to life


This course will help me in my role


The content will also help me outside of work


My self-awareness & confidence has improved

The Brief

We have been working Nationwide for over 10 years, developing the Mindsets and Attitudes to help them bring their PRIDE Values to life. Not many companies put as much effort into developing a high-performing, values-led culture as they do and their reputation is deservedly positive with both customers and colleagues.

“This course helps bring our PRIDE values to life like no other. It’s a very powerful experience…It’s hard to overestimate the positive impact it has had” Amy Jones: Culture & inclusion, NBS 2014

Our work so far

  • Helped them develop PRIDE Champions across the whole organisation.
  • Created a focussed programme of Mindset and Attitude workshops for people at every level.
  • Helped leaders focus on ‘purpose driven’ outcomes and learn how to improve their positive impact on their teams.
  • Instilled the self awareness and confidence to enable, in their own words; ‘Accountable freedom’, ‘Speak-up-ability’ and ‘Have-a-go-ness’
  • Supported them during the Covid-19 crisis with a programme of virtual sessions to support Mental Health.


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Nationwide have consistently outperformed their financial services peers for customer satisfaction and employee engagement scores. While we can’t take credit for their overall success, we are proud to have played a supporting role in their journey. 


Over the years, a couple of thousand people have experienced our workshops and in all post-course evaluation feedback we have achieved 99.7% positive responses.

“I have changed my Mindset and improved my work and personal life”

“This course has been amazing. Safe yet challenging. thought provoking yet simple. People remember this experience and unlike many other courses, the simplicity of the insights and skills are such that they can be applied and sustained”

“I can comfortably say the Mindset and Attitude course was the most thought provoking and inspiring course I’ve ever attended”

“This is one of the best courses I have attended – it made me stop and think and realise it is within my gift to try to look at things in a different light to manage my stress levels”

“Realising how my own personal Values and Nationwide’s align, so that all I have to really do to help me make a good decision is to live my own values with confidence. It sounds so simple but it’s very powerful. It’s really important to be aware of how the work load pressures and stress can get in the way of good decisions too. I’ve made some simple but important changes to help me manage my stress, feel more confident and make better decisions, thank you so much”

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